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Roof Insurance Claim Assistance Company

Fast insurance claim approval means your roof repairs happen faster, and you get the compensation you deserve. If a storm or some other event damaged your roof, Hippo Roofing, LLC will get you back on your feet and make sure your insurance claim gets approved quickly. We’ve spent years in the roofing business dealing with all sorts of insurance providers. We know what a pain the claims process can be. Remember, these companies’ business model depends on them NOT paying out more claims than they’d like. It’s how they make money. A lot of times, they slow the process unnecessarily, and it becomes frustrating for homeowners. If you own property in the greater Melbourne, FL area and need roof repairs, talk to us about how to make the claims process easier. We offer the best roof insurance claims help you can find anywhere! Get help with your roof insurance claim by calling us today! We’ll talk to you about the best ways to win approval fast!

The Roof Insurance Claims Process

Let us take the stress out of the roof repair process. To us, it doesn’t matter if we’re helping you with roof replacement or emergency roof repair, our team brings the best to every project. If that means helping you with some administrative work getting your claim together, so be it! We’re here to help any way we can, and our clients in Melbourne, FL know that they can rely on us for the best roofing support in the area. Everyone at Hippo Roofing, LLC is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience from start to finish.

Don’t lose sleep over dealing with your homeowner’s insurance company. We deal with these businesses all of the time. We know what documentation they need, and we’ll get your claim approved, so you aren’t on the hook for repairs. Find out why so many property owners in the area use us for all of their roof service needs.

Insurance Claims

We roof homes, determine damages, photo document, write Xactimate estimates and encourage no one to file an insurance claim. It is always your decision to determine if paying for storm damage is best addressed out of pocket on a retail basis or by filing an insurance claim. Please remember it is always your responsibility to pay any insurance deductibles and fraud to receive claim payment beyond the amount paid for repairs completed.

Don’t lose sleep over dealing with your storm damage. We are here to make your restoration simple and professional no matter if your repair is on a retail basis, or you go through your insurance company. We know what documentation insurance companies need, and we’ll provide them promptly to your insurance carrier as well as yourself if property insurance is the way that you decide to go. We will also meet with your adjuster to point out your roof damage and discuss repair methods. Find out why so many property owners in the area use us for all their roof service needs.