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Do you really need a roof inspection after a storm? If you’re mulling over this question, then it’s a good thing that you found Hippo Roofing—your local Brevard County storm restoration experts. We take the time to explain the entire storm damage restoration process, including the roof inspection—and why that step is so important.

For example, some forms of roof damage cannot be seen from the ground. You might think that your roof is unharmed, and all the while water is penetrating your roof, leading to secondary problems that leave your roof worse off than it was before.

If there is any chance that your roof is damaged, then you’re off to a great start now that you've found us. We have over 400 five-star reviews, along with more than a century of combined experience in the roofing industry! We will find all damage to your roof, offer quality solutions, and help you stay on budget while getting the storm damage repair or roof replacement that you need.

Storm Damage Services:

Comprehensive Storm Restoration Services

The possibility of storm damage to your roof can be stressful, but we do what we can to make the entire restoration process as simple as possible while ensuring quality results. When you come to us for Brevard County storm restoration services, we guarantee that you will receive:

  • A Comprehensive Roof Inspection: Our roof inspection company will send specialists to carefully examine your entire roof. We perform a structural inspection that evaluates the overall condition of your roof, material inspections to identify damage to your roofing shingles, flashing, or gutters, plus an interior inspection to look for signs of water damage.
  • Accurate Reports and Honest Estimates: Whether you are filing an insurance claim or paying out of pocket, our accurate reports will make getting the roofing services that you need simpler. Our cost estimates are comprehensive, and our competitive pricing makes budgeting easier.
  • High-Quality Roofing Products: Our storm restoration contractors only work with premium-grade roofing materials to ensure that your roof repair or replacement is of the highest quality.
  • Expert-Level Workmanship: As your Brevard County roofing company, we take every measure to ensure that your investment is honored—providing quality workmanship that is as seamless and long-lasting as possible.

Don’t Wait Until After a Storm to Get a Roof Inspection!

Although many roof inspections are performed after a storm, this is not the only time you might want to have your roof inspected. In fact, we recommend that your roof be inspected by a qualified roofer at least once a year. Routine inspections reduce the risk of expensive repairs and the need for roof replacements by locating and resolving minor problems before they escalate.

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As you compare Brevard County storm restoration companies, take a moment to contact us at Hippo Roofing for a free cost estimate. You can reach us by phone to speak directly with one of our helpful specialists, or use our online form anytime.

While you’re here, you might want to learn about additional services offered by our Brevard County roofers. We offer a variety of roof replacement options, gutters, and roof maintenance services—to name a few. Contact us anytime or keep us in mind for your next roofing project!