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We’re revolutionizing the roofing industry with residential metal roofing that looks sleek and still delivers the stability and long-term durability you expect from high-quality metal. Metal roofing is more accessible than ever, and we are giving metal a new look that’s modern without the traditional fasteners you see on warehouses and other commercial buildings. Now, you can get a metal roof installation that looks custom fit to your home with seamless panels that prevent leaks and add value to your property. For years, Hippo Roofing, LLC has led the way when it comes to the latest and best roofing solutions across Melbourne, FL. Our customers know we set high standards for ourselves, and that translates into expert work quality and the best possible results. With us, you get a team of professionals that cares about delivering value on every project, large or small. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your home with honest recommendations at affordable prices.

Custom Residential Metal Roofing

Live life with a roof that lasts and eliminates the stress of storm damage or strong winds. We offer lifetime guarantees on our metal roofs and have innovative solutions like DefenderRoof™ Metal Roofing to give you peace of mind knowing you have the support of a leading roofer behind you if anything happens.

Metal roofs typically cost more than traditional roof materials like asphalt. Normal shingles are a great option, and asphalt is the most popular residential roofing material in the country. However, nothing beats the strength of metal, and each year more homeowners in Melbourne, FL and around the nation are choosing residential metal roofing because now they look great as well. Hippo Roofing, LLC installs and repairs metal roofs to keep your home protected from whatever comes its way. Whether you’re concerned about hurricanes or long-term sun exposure, a metal roof is one of the best choices because they’re designed to be weather-resistant.

We offer affordable financing options to get you started with a metal roof today. Find out how we can push things forward so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new roof sooner rather than later. It’s a great idea to install your new roof if you’re planning a replacement or building a new home. We’ll outfit you with a custom roofing plan that has the latest metal options and roofing technology in mind.

Residential Metal Roofing Without Fasteners

For a long time, people wanted the benefits of metal roofing, but the visual appeal was lacking. Metal roofs had unsightly fasteners that made homes look a bit industrial. The fasteners kept the roofs strong, but they weren’t the look everyone loved. Now, we deliver modern residential metal roofing without visible fasteners. It’s a perfect way to get all of the benefits of metal with a roof that looks cleaner with fasteners hidden out of sight.

Our paneled metal roofs look natural and come in a wide variety of colors. We’ll work with you to find the roof of your dreams at a price that you can afford. We have solutions that prevent corrosion from the ocean and offer a limited lifetime material and labor warranty on all of our metal roofs.