Roof Storm Damage Repair in Melbourne, FL

Roof Storm Damage Repair

Advanced Protection for Your Home

We’re no strangers to storms in Melbourne, FL. Every year, it comes with the territory. It’s part of the bargain we make for living here with mostly great weather all year. When storms happen, they leave a lot of damage in their wake. Roofs experience the brunt of storm damage with holes, leaks, dents, and other issues. And it’s not just massive storms that cause trouble. Persistent rain and high winds shake shingles loose, and tree branches fall into roofs. At Hippo Roofing, LLC, we got our start repairing hail damage on roofs in the Midwest. Coming to FL years ago, we brought our decades of experience to the area to give local homeowners peace of mind. With expert repairs and fast response times, we’ve established ourselves as an industry leader in the roofing business. You can count on us for fast roof storm damage repair in Melbourne, FL at a fair price. Schedule your appointment now for roof repair or any of our other services by calling (321) 951-2500 today!

Professional Roof Storm Damage Repair

Whether you’re dealing with a tree that’s fallen into your house or you’re missing some shingles from wind damage, we have your back. We’re a local roofing crew, which means that we can get to you faster than the other guys. We’re here in the community every day, committed to doing right by our customers. People in Melbourne, FL turn to us when they need rapid roof storm damage repair or anything from a new roof installation to asphalt shingle repair. We work around the clock to guarantee you’re in good shape.

Take a look at this brief overview of some of our storm damage services.

  • Emergency Roof Repair – We work 24/7 to get to you quickly after you call. In fact, we meet most of our customers for the first time by providing emergency roof support to stop leaks, patch holes, or help to prevent property damage. Our team can get to you quickly to avoid costing you more money due to ongoing leaks and other concerns. If you need emergency help, give us a call right now!
  • Wind Damage Roof Repair – Wind damage, whether it’s high winds during a hurricane or persistent wind over the years, can damage your roof. If you’ve got an asphalt shingle roof, for example, wind damage shakes them free or loosens the shingles, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. When shingles fall off or become loose, it’s easier for water to make its way into your roof when it rains. We offer custom wind damage repairs to get your roof back online fast.
  • Roof Leak Repairs – Leaks are always bad news. Hopefully, you don’t ever have a roof leak. If you do, though, you need repairs fast. Left alone for too long, a roof leak will soak through your ceiling drywall and start to damage furniture and carpets inside. You’ll end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs you didn’t have to. Call us for professional roof leak repairs to keep things dry.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help – How do you know when roof damage qualifies for insurance coverage? We pay insurance premiums every year. It’s important to know when it’s time to call in that help. Our team has years of experience working with different insurance providers, and we can tell you when you should file a claim and help you get it approved quickly.

Stress-Free Roof Repair

Eliminate the stress of roof repair and maintenance with professional roof storm damage repair from Hippo Roofing, LLC. From the start, you’ll notice we work differently than other contractors. With a strong focus on quality and customer service, you’ll know you made the right choice and will get the best for your roof!

Call us now at (321) 951-2500 to book an appointment for roof storm damage repair in Melbourne, FL with our team and get things started! We’re here to answer any of your questions!