Your home in Cocoa Beach is constantly exposed to the elements, and your roof takes the brunt of that. Over time, shingles deteriorate, exposing your home to the risk of water damage, rotting, mold, and decay. If your home’s roof is at the end of its lifespan, you’ll start to notice the signs that you need a new roof. Perhaps a few shingles get lifted up every time the wind blows, or you have moss growing on your roof, or you are starting to suspect that water damage is happening. Whatever the case, you need to act fast to avoid more damage happening to your home. Even a small amount of water damage can cause you to need to make costly repairs.

Choose Hippo for your Cocoa Beach roofing job

When your home needs a new roof, the biggest question you’ll ask yourself is, “Who will do my roof?” Choose the wrong company, and you could be left dealing with a roof that needs to be replaced again much sooner than normal, or worse, a roofing insurance scam that leaves you in the lurch without a roof to show for it. For more information on how to find the best roofing contractor, read our 10 tips for finding a great roofer.

Hippo Roof is your local roofing company that serves all of Brevard County with roofing services. We are working very hard to earn the reputation as the area’s top roofer, and we have many customer video testimonials that have given us rave reviews. What sets us apart? First, our quality workmanship and attention to detail is out of this world. Second, we specialize in installing metal roofs that come with a guarantee so good, you’ll never have to re-roof again.

About Our Metal Roofs For Life®

Why choose a metal roof? If you aren’t aware already, metal is the premier roofing material available on the market for a roof that will last the longest. When you get a metal Defender Roof from Hippo, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee on materials and labor. We’re able to stand behind our roofs because they will hold up to wind, rain, severe weather, and UV rays better than any other kind of roof out there.

Ask us for a quote

You can get a FREE quote from Hippo Roof today. Simply contact us and ask, and we’ll send out a roofing professional to your home or place of business. This is an informational meeting where you can ask questions, pick out different options, and make a decision from there. There’s absolutely no risk to you, so ask for your free Hippo Roof quote today.