Is the roof on your Cape Canaveral home leaking or deteriorating? Has age or damage caused your roof to need to be replaced? Are you in need of a new roof and are just looking into your options? If so, you are in the right place. Hippo Roof is your Brevard County roofer, and we are here for the folks in Cape Canaveral to ensure that you get a great quality roof that will last a long time and protect your home from the elements.

What to look for in a roofer

You probably know that putting a roof on your home is one of the most expensive home repairs that you will ever do. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and avoid getting a second-rate roofing job done. When you choose the wrong roofer, you’ll end up with low-quality materials on the roof, and you’ll be forced to replace the roof much sooner than you would have had to do if the roof was done well.

Hippo Roof has been working very hard to maintain the reputation of the local area’s premier quality roofer. We are already setting the standards in the industry and will continue to be a leader and innovator in roof services. Check out some of the reviews by people who got a Hippo Roof, and learn 10 tips about what to look for in a roofer on our website.

What to look for in a roof

When you’re not a roofer, the different array of choices of roofing material can be bewildering. However, don’t just say “eeny, meeny, miny, mo” or pick the cheapest option. Here’s a crash course in choosing a roof: Shingles will last you around 10-15 years, but a metal roof will last you a lifetime. Would you rather pay to roof your house once, or get it done repeatedly over the course of the time you own your home, plus do repairs after every major storm? So the first thing that you should know is that a metal roof is the best, most durable, most long-lasting option out there. However, it also tends to be more expensive, which is why many people tend to steer towards shingles. (Plus, many people simply aren’t aware of how far superior metal is as a roofing material.) The good news is that with Hippo Roof, you can get a metal roof for the same price as shingles*, bringing down your costs of going with the top-tier option for your roof.

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