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Hurricane Straps Company

If you live in Brevard County, your home can be in a hazardous high wind zone. Damage from hurricane-force winds can be extensive, especially if your property isn’t properly secured.

At Hippo Roof, we help homeowners get their properties hurricane ready with the installation of hurricane straps. Allow us to help protect your home against major storm damage without a lot of expense.

What are Hurricane Straps?

The hurricane strap system is Florida’s wind mitigation solution in this storm-prone part of the country. Each “strap” is a piece of sturdy galvanized steel that connects the walls and the rafters of your home together. Straps are secured into place with several nails to provide resistance to high winds that could lift the roof off the house.

Hurricane straps help transfer the force of high winds down through the walls into the foundation. With them installed, your home is stronger and less likely to develop severe damage in hurricanes and winds. You will also earn a very nice discount on your Florida Wind Mitigation.

Technically, hurricane straps part of are a wind mitigation system that would include:

  • Straps Connecting the Roof and Wall Joists
  • Straps Connecting Each Floor of the Home Together
  • Anchors Securing the Walls to the Foundation

Nearly all homes have anchor bolts installed to connect the wall frame to the foundation, even in areas that aren’t prone to high winds. However, few older homes have straps installed between floors. It’s difficult to add these straps to an existing property without removing the siding. So, most homeowners focus on updating their property with hurricane straps for the roofing.

When is the Best Time to Have Hurricane Straps Installed?

The next best time is during a roof replacement project. Your roofers or soffit technicians can more easily access the rafters when installing roofing hurricane straps.

It’s also important to have hurricane straps installed before the next big storm. Even if you aren’t replacing your roof, our professional technicians can protect your property by installing hurricane straps on an existing roof.

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Hippo Roof provides a range of roofing services for Brevard County customers, including hurricane strap installation. Our award-winning roofing company can also help you with:

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