Who do you trust with your roof? The travelling roofer, or your hometown Melbourne roofing contractors? It’s not always easy to choose the right roofer for your home or commercial building, but one thing is clear: your hometown roofer is a better choice than the guys who show up and leave.

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What is the difference between travelling and hometown roofers?

Believe it or not, different roofing companies have different motivations and different ways of doing business.

Travelling roofers, also known as “storm chasers” or “fly-by-night” roofers, are nomadic by nature — they travel to areas that have recently been ravaged by hail, rain, snow, or wind in order to get a large volume of roofing jobs in a short amount of time. They’re the fast food restaurant of roofers — they provide you with lightning-fast service and low roofing prices, but they might just leave you with a weird pit in your stomach when it’s all said and done.  

Then there’s the hometown roofers. While they might be slightly more expensive and take a longer time to get the job done, they’re worth the price and the wait. As the fine dining restaurant of roofers, hometown roofers take extra time to ensure their craftsmanship is up to their sky-high standards, they use only the best roofing ingredients, and when they’ve served up the final product, you’ll feel satisfied with your decision and recommend them to your family and friends. They’re always the right choice for your roofing job.

Why You Should Choose Your Hometown Roofer

1. Hometown roofers care about quality.

First off, traveling roofers are looking make as much money as possible in a short time. They cut corners and use low-quality materials to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible. Hometown roofers aren’t in such a rush — they’re here to support the community. They use the best materials and roofing practices to get the job done right.

2. Hometown roofers depend on a good reputation.

Traveling roofers roll into town after a big storm to make some money. They weren’t in town before, and they won’t be here when something goes wrong with your roof. That warranty they offered doesn’t mean a thing. On the other hand, hometown roofers are successful because of their reputation in your community. They’re here to stay, and they won’t run down the road when you need roof repairs.

3. Hometown roofers want to make their community better.

Traveling roofers don’t support your community. They’re looking to make money off your friends and neighbors, then head to the next town. Fortunately, hometown roofers are your friends and neighbors — they’re in the business to make the community safer and more beautiful than before. They’re here to make your town better.

Choose Your Top-Rated Melbourne Roofing Contractor

With over 20 years of roofing experience, industry-leading craftsmanship, and acclaimed customer service, Hippo Roof is your top choice for Melbourne roofing projects. We’re proud to be a mainstay in our community, ensuring that the roofs of our friends and neighbors are safe, strong, and beautiful for years to come. Call Hippo Roofing for all of your roofing needs, and check out more tips for choosing the right Melbourne roofing contractor.