Know when to contact a professional

All homeowners struggle with roofing problems at some point. From minor leaks to bigger cracks, there are multiple ailments that require immediate attention. Though repairing a roof on your own is difficult and dangerous. You should hire an expert instead of trying to do it yourself.

How do you know when to contact a professional? Read our comprehensive guide on the most common roofing problems that need repair services.


Roof leaks are among the most common of roof problems. These include racked flashing to tiles, shingles, or slate. Leaks can occur anywhere on the roof, even when your shingles are intact.

Roof leaks mostly occur:

  • Close to pipes and vents
  • Around gutters
  • Near the chimney
  • At skylights
  • Under damaged shingles
  • In low spots or valleys
  • At flashing points

The water from leaks can go directly into your attic or crawlspace. There are numerous causes of roof leaks. It is important to detect them in time and call a roof repairing company.


When the shrinkage of roofing material occurs, numerous other difficulties arise. These include cracking, deterioration, and dismantling of other crucial components (like flashing). Shrinkage mostly occurs in roofs that are covered with EPDM – a synthetic rubber membrane – and other roof coverings.


Overtime, puncture marks, scrapes, and even big holes can form in your roof. This build-up of damage impacts the underlying wood and results in moisture that leads to rotting.


With time, you may start to notice cracks, ridges, or blisters in your roof. The chances of developing these issues depend on the type of roof you have installed. Built-up roofs have a great possibility of cracking and blistering as they consist of multiple layers that cover a fairly flat surface.


People often hire inexperienced roofing specialists to save money, though this decision may cost them more in the long run. Poorly installed roofs remain one of the common reasons for long-term roof problems, a short lifespan, and mold development. It generally takes years to notice an issue. Once your roof shows a problem, it may be too late for a quick fix and you could need to replace the roof entirely.


A tree branch can also damage your roof. Branches can scratch the surface and wear down the top layer. It is far better and safer to trim the limbs of your trees so that they do not scrape against the roof. Consider removing trees too close to your roof, as they could pose a serious danger in the case of a turbulent storm.


You can experience storm-related damage in any season. Heavy winds or rain, hail, lightning, or even branches resting on your roof can all cause serious harm. For this reason, make sure to have your roof inspected after your area experiences severe weather.


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