If you live in Melbourne, it’s likely that you’re a fan of the ocean. There are hundreds of towns in Florida that are landlocked and require a drive to see the Atlantic, but we’re guessing you moved here so that you could enjoy the warm breezes and have access to the fun that the ocean has to offer.

When you first hear about metal roofs, one of your first thoughts might be “what about rust?” After all, we’re dealing with steel, and steel tends to rust. Let’s take a look at how saltwater can affect metal roof installation.


For most homeowners in Melbourne who aren’t on the actual beach, a steel roof is a great option.

  1. Steel Isn’t Affected By Most Air: While there’s salt in the air, it’s not at nearly a high-enough concentration to cause rust to form on a steel roof.
  2. Rainwater Isn’t Salty: Even rain from hurricanes is still freshwater.
  3. It’s Not Just Steel: When most people think of steel, their first thought is of iron. But steel isn’t just iron, it’s full of carbon, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, and / or nickel, as well as coatings that prevent the steel roof from rusting.
  4. And Yet…: Steel roofs aren’t meant for every roof in Melbourne. It all depends on how close you are to the ocean. The best way to find out if a steel roof (or aluminum roof; see below) is right for you is to contact Hippo Roofing. We have extensive experience with installing roofs and know how close to the beach is too close.


So let’s say you live close to the beach. Maybe you’re actually on the beach or a hundred yards from it. You’re not just smelling the beach air; you’re feeling the spray!

Won’t the saltwater in the air and water droplets affect a steel roof? The answer is probably, and that’s when you might want to consider an aluminum metal roof.

  1. Aluminum Doesn’t Rust: As you’ve probably seen from discarded soda cans, aluminum isn’t susceptible to rust. That makes it a great option if you’re close to the beach.
  2. Aluminum Is Lighter: Aluminum is considerably lighter than steel, meaning there’s less weight on your home.
  3. Aluminum is Easy To Recycle: Steel is easy to recycle, but nothing beats aluminum for easy of recyclability. Aluminum can be recycled again and again, which mean that less of it has to be mined and less of it goes to the landfill. Any aluminum scraps that are created during your roof installation are easily recycled.
  4. And yet…: An aluminum is going to cost you more, simply because the metal itself is more expensive. Another disadvantage of aluminum is that it’s a better conductor of heat, meaning that it won’t provide quite the same about of insulation as a steel roof will.

In the end, deciding on a metal roof is easy. Deciding on which metal, steel or aluminum, can be harder. Hippo Roofing is here to help you make that decision, so if you have any questions please contact us right here.