It is with the utmost respect to the coronavirus outbreak that we are continuing to service our repair and re-roof clients in such a matter that personal safety is paramount over production and installation timing. Likewise, our vendors are doing the same and in due time we will overcome life’s challenges and move re-roof or repair jobs to completion. If the inherent delay in timely provides any challenges please speak with our Production, Sales or General Manager and we will do our utmost to address the issue.

We are working with a reduced staff to comply with governmental directives and protect employees as well as clients. Our staff will be OSHA compliant, follow proper hygiene procedures, avoid unnecessary contact and keep a proper distance from fellow employees and clients.

Rainy season and insurance claim deadlines are pressing so we will continue to interact with the public serving our prospects and clients as long as coronavirus safety considerations can be achieved. If something can be handled by phone or email we will do so and if a face to face interaction is required as in providing accurate re-roof or repair estimate we will meet your needs in a most cautious manner.

Thank you for your patience and considerations.

The Hippo Roofing Team