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A tile roofWhen Hippo Roofing, LLC first started, we made it our mission to be the best roofing company possible, delivering the most value for our clients’ money and providing a delightful customer experience. Now, more than 20 years later, that mission still motivates everything we do whether we’re on an emergency roof repair call or working on new roof installation. Originally, we got our start fixing hail damage across the Midwest, and now Merritt Island, FL the is the place we call homebase. Now, we provide the highest-quality roofing services possible, and you can rely on us for honest recommendations. Find out more about why we’re a preferred roofing company in the area and talk to our team about how we can help. Call us today at (321) 951-2500 to hear more about any of our services and schedule an appointment with one of our expert roofers!

Innovating Roofing Contractor Plans

The climate in Merritt Island, FL can be rough on roofs, and you will probably require regular maintenance to guarantee stability long-term. With the proper roofing maintenance plan and responsive assistance from a qualified roofing company, you can add more years to your roof and ensure you get the protection you and your family deserve. At [comapny], we are leading the waywhen it comes to roofing industry innovation and we’re eager to see what we can do for your home. We’ve created several proprietary roofing systems designed for the local climate and customer preferences in mind. We have a range of metal, shingle, and tile roof styles that will fit your vision and budget. Schedule an appointment now with someone from our team by calling (321) 951-2500 and ask us about our roofing solutions!