1. The Importance of Metal Roof Ventilation

    When people think about a new roof, they think about its aesthetic value and durability. However, its ventilation system goes overlooked. Roof ventilation is crucial for a long-lasting roof, energy efficiency, temperature regulation, and indoor air quality. In this blog, our roof…Read More

  2. Benefits of Roof Financing

    For many homeowners, a new metal roof seems out of reach. However, it doesn’t have to be. Roof financing plans can help you get the roof you need without the financial strain that usually comes with big-ticket purchase. In this blog, Hippo Roofing — your Top Rated Local roofi…Read More

  3. Choosing The Right Metal Roofing Color

    You know you want a new metal roof for your home. Great! You’ve made a responsible choice. You even know what type of metal roof you want, which is more than most homeowners can say. But you’re still left with one question: what color should I pick? A metal roof lasts for 60 …Read More

  4. Metal Roofs Are Taking The Market By Storm

    A lot of homeowners have been choosing metal roofs lately. While metal roofs took up around 8 percent of the market share in 2012, they held a 14 percent share of the market in 2016 and are on pace for a 20 percent market share in 2018. That’s huge growth in a short period of t…Read More