1. Hippo Man Vs. The Evil Asphalt Shingle Monster

    The Case of the Evil Asphalt Shingle Monster and the Melting Asphalt Shingle Roof The Evil Asphalt Shingle Monster has been terrorizing the city of Melbourne for far too long. People have been living in fear of their deteriorating asphalt shingle roofs and the day they will once …Read More

  2. Are Metal Roofs Green?

    More than ever, today’s homeowners and buyers have become increasingly environmentally aware. That awareness has shifted over to the use of smart and sustainable construction materials. While there are a number of green solutions in the field of home improvement, one of the mos…Read More

  3. The Environmental Dream Team

    Just about all of us want to do our part to be environmentally responsible. There’s a way to be twice as green, reduce your carbon footprint, and have virtually unbeatable bragging rights. It’s a pairing that’s natural and that feels right, like chocolate and peanut butter,…Read More

  4. How Do You Know You Need A New Roof?

    Anyone who is a homeowner can relate to 2 simple concepts. The first is that we all want our home to last as long as humanly possible, and the second is that there’s always something with the house that needs to be done. The trick, however, is to get a jump on a problem before …Read More

  5. Solving Your Roof Problem

    It’s true that nothing lasts forever, but some things last longer than others. For many of us, the first day after we bought our house was an amazing day. You’d walk outside, look at it, and think to yourself, “This is where I’ll raise kids, this is where I’ll cultivate…Read More

  6. 5 Metal Roof Considerations

    Let’s say you’re a homeowner and you’re considering replacing the old asphalt roof with a new metal roof. Perhaps you’re planning to have a house built and you’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits that can be gained from a metal roof. Around these parts, we’re big…Read More

  7. 5 More Metal Roof Considerations

    In our last blog we talked a little about some details you may want to think about before making the purchase of your metal roof. It’s a fertile topic with numerous aspects. Read on for 5 more metal roof considerations, and trust your Melbourne roofing contractors at Hippo Roof…Read More