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The 10 Tips To Finding

The Best Melbourne Roofing Contractor

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Who Has Standards

Have you noticed that companies with high standards are becoming harder and harder to find? When cutthroat businesses and thinner profits start to put on the pressure, it can quickly become a race to the bottom of who can do the least work for the most money. And when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor, you simply can’t afford to make the wrong choice and end up with someone who rips you off or gives you a sorry excuse for a roof.

Finding a roofing company with standards isn’t easy, but it can be done with a little bit of effort. After all, anyone can say that they have high standards. That doesn’t mean that they do. So how do you sort out the claims and the marketing hype from the real results?

Here’s how we would recommend that you discover a company with integrity and verify that those standards are real.

1. Look for the top rated companies in your area.

Make a list of the roofers who have the highest ratings in your area, and note the number of reviews that go into how many stars you see. A company with a 5 star rating, but only 2 reviews, won’t necessarily give you the amount of confidence you get from a company with 4.5 stars and 70 reviews.

Hippo Roof is a Top Rated Local Roofing Company in Melbourne, Florida.

2. Look for the evidence that this company holds to their standards.

Every company has a story. Read about why this roofer is in existence. Do they love what they do? Does their About Us page reflect a passion and a commitment to doing excellent work? How do you know that they will stand by their commitments? How high are their standards? Do they pride themselves on workmanship, or do you get the sense that they’re content to slap together the job as fast as possible?

Hippo Roof is passionate about quality roof jobs in Melbourne, and we intend for our standard of excellence to be reflected in everything we do.

3. Choose the company who is setting the standard for all the other competitors to follow.

The best way for you to know that you’re choosing the roofer who has high standards is to choose the one whose standards are setting the bar for everyone else. In every community and every industry, there will be one company who defines to everyone else, “This is how we operate. Now see if you can imitate that.” Think of Apple. Think of Coca-Cola.

It takes courage to define the standard, set it up for everyone to see, and make it clear to all the customers in the marketplace. Doing that means that someone has to stand up and claim that ground. Whoever does that is sticking their neck up higher than everyone else, and that means they’re going to get shot at by the competition. It takes a brave and bold survivor to stake that claim and then maintain that position. When you find someone like that, you’ve found a winner.

Hippo Roof created the Roofing Contractors Standards Guide as a way to set the standard for quality roofing jobs and inform homeowners about how to identify and choose the right contractor for their roof. Avoid scams and second-rate contractors. Read the free guide today.

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Who Cares About Workmanship

You own your home, and you’re responsible for keeping it in good shape. Your roof is one of the most expensive repairs that you will ever have to do for your home. Therefore, the workmanship that goes into your roof makes a difference. Will you have to repeat expensive repairs over and over again, or will you have a job that is made to last? The bigger the investment, the more you should care about the workmanship of your roof.

When our company’s founders were working on roof repair in the midwest, they kept being surprised at the amount of damage that roofs would suffer in storms. While every storm has the potential to do at least some damage, the amount of damage they were seeing seemed excessive. As they looked a little deeper into this, they discovered that unnecessary damage was happening to roofs, even in milder storms, simply because of a lack of workmanship on these roofs.

If that was the case in the midwest, how much more is that the case here on the coast of Florida, where your home is subject to hurricane-force winds from time to time? It simply isn’t right for you to have to repair your roof over and over again just because each job was done with poor workmanship.

However, there’s pressure on roofers to do the quickest job possible. It’s harder to maintain a commitment to exercising a standard of good workmanship on every job in the roofing industry because roofs aren’t the type of thing you replace very frequently. Repeat business is less of a possibility, so every roofer has to constantly fill the bucket with new jobs rather than cultivating old relationships. These circumstances push roofing companies to care less about quality and care more about underbidding the next guy in order to win the contract.

In an environment like that, it becomes even more rare to find a roofing contractor who cares about workmanship, but they are out there. The fact is, there are many ways that your roofer can either cut corners or take pride in a job well done.

  • Will the roofer discover problems with the plywood on your roof and leave it there because it’s “just a little bit rotten,” or will they take the trouble to replace it?
  • Will your roofer measure and cut materials accurately and avoid waste, or will they end up making you foot the bill to purchase more material than necessary?
  • Will your roofing contractor take the trouble to make sure that the lines are straight and all the elements line up properly in a pleasing arrangement, or will they settle for installing a roof that is visibly off-kilter?
  • If someone inadvertently drives a nail through the roof material in the wrong place, that will cause a potential leak. Will your roofer stop to repair or replace the damage, or wait until you discover it and call them back for a much more costly repair?

The workmanship of your roof involves a good deal of artistry and attention to detail, but the roofer has to choose and want to put good workmanship into the roofing jobs they do. Will they treat your house like it was their own, or will they settle for less?

You shouldn’t settle for less. Choose the roofing contractor who cares about workmanship. In Melbourne, that is Hippo Roof. We put great workmanship into the roofs we install, and it shows not only in the beauty and aesthetic appeal that our homes have, but also in the fact that our roofs last longer. In fact, we are confident that a metal roof from Hippo Roof is the last roof you’ll ever have to put on your home. Call us today to get your job started.

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Who Cares About Quality Materials

Did you know that the materials that a roof is made of will make a huge difference in the time that roof lasts? If you think about it, it makes sense. There’s a reason why grass roofs have gone out of style. The roof of your house is meant to keep you dry, but in the meantime, it takes a beating from the elements.

The sun’s UV rays beat down on your roof every day, and here in Brevard County, Florida, we definitely know about sunshine. Then the storms come through with wind and rain, and your roof takes a different kind of beating. If your house is built underneath any trees, you also have the potential for debris to strike your roof from time to time, and if you’re in a shady spot, you could also deal with moss and mold trying to grow on your roofing materials, causing further deterioration. In other words, your roof’s materials should be durable, long-lasting, resilient against all the elements that will come against them, and high-quality.

You’d think, based on the popularity of asphalt shingles, that they are the most durable, long-lasting roofing material on the market, but this simply isn’t the case. Actually, asphalt shingles are one of the least durable ways to re-roof your home. The typical shingle roof is constructed with the following layers:

  1. Plywood is nailed to your rafters to create a solid substrate. The integrity of this plywood is key to avoiding costly repairs. If the plywood rots, your roofing job just got a whole lot more expensive.
  2. Tar paper is laid over the plywood to create an extra layer of water resistance.
  3. Asphalt shingles are nailed over the tar paper.
  4. When these shingles deteriorate, you can add another layer of shingles on top of them. However, every time you do this to a roof, it inevitably introduces a whole new set of nail holes into your tar paper and plywood. Each nail hole represents the potential for a leak.

If asphalt shingles aren’t the best quality material to put on your roof, why do people use them so much?

  • They’re cheap.
  • They’re easy to install.
  • More frequent replacement gives contractors more business.

Should you automatically go with asphalt shingles on your roof? Absolutely not. You do have other choices, and the very best quality roofing material available on the market is actually a metal roof.

Hippo Roof cares about quality materials, and that’s why we have such a big focus on metal roofs. Metal roofs are harder to install, but they’re built to last, and we are so confident of this fact that we guarantee that your DefenderRoof will be the last roof you will ever buy. Seriously. Never re-roof again. That’s our guarantee.

Case in point: Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, still has its metal roof, and hundreds of years later, it’s still going strong and working great.

Why shouldn’t your home get the same quality materials that have been proven through the centuries to work the best? We think that it should.

One drawback: Metal roofing has traditionally cost more than shingles to install. However, even that drawback has now been overcome with Hippo Roof. We’ve found a way to give you a long-lasting metal roof for the same price as shingles.

One other drawback: Metal roofs are harder to install. They take more skill and knowledge. It’s harder to find and train the right laborers to do metal roofs right. But you know what? That’s only a drawback to the roofing contractor. You as the homeowner don’t have to feel that one. And here at Hippo Roof, we have built a stellar team of people over the years, people who possess the skills, people who care, and people who have made our company great. Read more about that in our next tip.

Go with the higher quality material for your roofing job. You won’t be sorry. Talk to us today to get started.

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Who Hires Good Workers

It’s your home. It’s your roof. And if you’re like most people, you’ll never actually go up on your roof yourself to see the job that was done. Even if you did, unless you’re a roofer, you wouldn’t necessarily know what you were looking at to be able to spot any flaws or problems with the work that was done on your home.

In other hands, you’re putting your trust entirely in the hands of the workers who perform your roofing job that they will do the job right. Essentially, you’re resting on the reputation of the roofing contractor who is doing the installation. You’re trusting that they have hired the right people who won’t shortchange you.

Since it’s not optional to have a roof over your head, you’re going to have to trust someone. But it’s only reasonable that you should do at least a little bit of research into the people who will be coming to your home as their worksite.

How do you know if a roof installer hires good workers? Here are some ways to make sure that you’re choosing a contractor who has reputable, reliable, honest employees on staff.

  • Ask questions. You’re paying money to this contractor to do this job, so you have a right to have your questions answered. Ask things like these to learn more about the company’s hiring policies and the workers themselves.
    • What qualities do you look for when you hire? (Watch out if it sounds like they hire anyone and everyone, or if they scrape the bottom of the barrel for the cheapest labor.)
    • Do you perform random drug tests on employees? How often? (Watch out if the employer seems lax about whether employees are on drugs; this could indicate that they don’t have the type of company that can retain the better, more stable workers.)
    • How long does the typical employee stay with you? (Again, be wary of a high turnover rate. A company that treats its employees well will see them stay longer, and employees who have been there longer will be more skilled, more efficient, and better at doing the job on your roof.)
    • What kind of training do you invest in your employees? (Asking this question will reveal two things. First, it will give you a sense of the minimum qualifications that the workers will possess while they’re working on your roof. Second, if the company doesn’t offer much training, it can indicate that they have a high turnover rate, which is a red flag.)
  • Meet the workers themselves. No, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but your gut instinct can go a long way at telling you whether to remain confident or steer clear. We’d feel better about people who are clean cut, have a firm handshake, look you in the eye, and can talk knowledgeably about their job. (Want to see the amazing team that we have here at Hippo Roof? Meet some of the people who make this company a success here.)
  • Get the opinion of other people. If someone has had something stolen by a roofing contractor, if they felt like their property got trashed, or if they didn’t feel safe while the roofers were around, you have a right to know. Your roofer should be able to share testimonials and reviews of other customers with you, and you should have more than just one or two. (Here at Hippo Roof, we not only offer you a multitude of written and video testimonials. We go one step beyond that and actually offer our potential customers the chance to talk with real people who have had their roofs done by us.)
  • Hiring good workers should be non-optional to your roofing company, and here at Hippo Roof, that’s exactly what we do. Give us a call today to get your project started.

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    Who Has A Good Reputation

    Every company can toot its own horn, but what do other people say about them? In an age of public relations, marketing hype, and search engine optimization, it’s harder than ever to trust what you read online. However, at the same time, in the age of Twitter, social proof, and viral content, it’s also harder than ever for the bad companies to hide their bad reputation.

    As a general rule of thumb, the companies who consistently do their jobs well are the same ones who earn their good reputations, and the companies who give problematic service will eventually be shown to be what they really are.

    What does it take for a roofing contractor to have a good reputation?

    Roofing is hard work, especially in Florida. Roofers have to do their jobs in some of the hottest conditions on the planet, often with no real way to get relief except to wait for the seasons to change. A good reputation doesn’t come by chance, and it definitely doesn’t come by some PR company sanitizing your roofing contractor’s reputation online. Here are what the best roofers deliver their customers, day in and day out.

    • Give a fair and transparent quote for the job.
    • Set expectations accurately for the timeline and scope of the work.
    • Show up on time for the job.
    • Have the needed materials, tools, and skills to do the job.
    • Communicate clearly and promptly about any unforeseen changes to the job, and give the customer choices about any repairs that would take the project over budget.
    • Work diligently and complete the project as efficiently as possible for an on-schedule completion.
    • Clean up the work site appropriately.
    • Leave behind a great-looking, long-lasting roof.

    How do you tell if a roofer has a good reputation?

    Reputation is not what you say about yourself; it's what other people say about you. Learn what other people are saying about the roofing contractor you're considering with the following tactics:


    The customers of a business typically have a lot to say about the service they received, but do you have access to hear what people are saying? Look for testimonials that look authentic, not vague, generic ones that could easily be fake. Hippo Roof gets rave reviews by our customers. Check out some of our video testimonials now.

    Customer Referrals

    One step up from the testimonial is the customer referral. This is someone you can actually talk to in real life. Not every business keeps a file of customers they can provide to others as referrals, because it's hard work to build and maintain this list, get customers’ permission to have strangers contact them, and then contact those customers to let them know someone will be calling to ask about their roofing experience. Here but the ones that do are going above and beyond. Here at Hippo Roof, we keep a file of about 100 former customers who would give us a referral if someone asked, so feel free to ask.

    BBB rating

    A reputable roofing contractor should have an account with the BBB and hold a position of good standing with them. Membership in the BBB is optional and reflects a business’s desire to be accountable and transparent.

    Bank Letter & Supplier Letter

    Your roofing company does business with more than just its customers, and the way they are perceived by other business people can tell you a lot about them. In particular, your roofer’s bank and their suppliers should have a fairly strong opinion about the company. The banker knows very well which clients are continually overdrawing their accounts and which ones are conducting good business practices and managing their money wisely. They won't tell you that, but they can tell you if a given company is in good standing with them. The same holds true for the suppliers where your roofer obtains materials. These items are often purchased on credit and in bulk, and the suppliers have a very keen sense of who is operating on the verge of collapse and who is running a well-oiled business operation.


    Memberships are often overlooked as a source of your roofing contractor's reputation, but they provide a form of peer interaction and shared knowledge between members. A business that does not belong to any memberships is essentially isolating itself from being known in the community. This could indicate neglect, not caring, or potentially even having something to hide.


    Reputation is earned by a company's commitment to quality, hard work, and performance. It is communicated through many different avenues and channels, both online and offline. You have the right to know that you can trust that the roof over your head will be solid, long-lasting, and watertight. Hippo Roof in Melbourne, FL is proud to be able to offer you documentation of our memberships, letters of good standing, and customer testimonials. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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    Who Doesn't Trick You Into Buying Things You Don't Need

    Raise your hand if you like to be scammed and arm-twisted into buying something.

    Yeah, we didn’t think so.

    No one likes to be pressed into an urgent decision, only to learn later that there was a much better option available on the market. We, as roofers, don’t like it when people do it to us in other contexts, so we don’t think our customers should have to put up with it either.

    High-pressure sales tactics we don’t agree with

    Here are some high-pressure sales tactics that you should be aware of that roofers might use to trick you into giving them their business.

    1. This is so urgent, you have to make a snap decision.

    If a roofing contractor doesn’t have the reputation to earn your business, they’ll try to get it by forcing your hand. One way they do this is by creating urgency where there is none. They quote you an unbelievably low price, but then they tell you that this deal will only last for the next two hours, or until the end of the business day. Unless it’s a legitimate holiday, like Black Friday, we’d suspect that these offers are just a way to twist your arm into buying in a hurry without taking a closer look into the decision.

    A well-trained salesperson can create and drum up urgency, too, by creating a sense of danger to you if you don’t respond now, or by creating the illusion of scarcity. You should recognize these tactics for what they are and give yourself time to get another quote. That offer will probably still be there tomorrow. The danger to your roof is not going to be that much different if you wait one more day or week. And scarcity? Really? There will always be roofing materials and willing laborers to take care of your roof.

    2. You don’t need to understand the details of your quote.

    Some companies will give you a low-ball offer that only includes part of the price of what’s covered. They’ll tell you the price of labor or materials, or maybe even both, but when you see the final bill, it’s padded with all kinds of hidden fees that you weren’t told about, and you’re stuck paying just as much for a shoddy job as you would have paid for a great job on a long-lasting roof.

    3. Of course you can afford this.

    There’s another common technique that uses pressure (and maybe even shame) to try to rope you into a purchase that you really can’t afford. We think it’s wrong for salespeople to brush off your objections about price as if they weren’t relevant. There are times when you genuinely can’t afford to do a thing, and if you can’t, you shouldn’t be pressed or manipulated into doing it. Considering that the roof on your home is likely to be one of the most expensive investments you’ll make on your entire home, you shouldn’t rush the decision.

    The way it should look

    Instead of having a pushy salesperson who shoves the product down your throat, this is what we think our customers deserve:

    • A focus on your needs. If you need a roof, you need a roof. However, if you need a basic, fast roof repair, you shouldn’t be manipulated into buying a whole roof replacement.
    • A listening ear. The best salespeople listen more than they talk. They dig into what you’re looking for, what your goals are, and what you really want. They ask insightful questions that might even help you to uncover your own preferences at a deeper level. This is a skill that not everyone possesses, but it honors the customer by focusing on what they are saying, and it leaves the customer feeling heard and being confident that what they want is what they will be getting.
    • A precise match between their offer and your need. The salesperson knows all of the options and offerings of their company much better than you do, and the best customer experience is when the salesperson listens to your needs and then presents you with the exact option that does the best job of meeting those needs--not more than you need, and not less.
    • Alternatives. Even while the salesperson is giving you a recommendation of what they think will best meet your needs, you should also be presented with alternatives. After all, no one knows better than you what your preferences, budget, and timeline are.

    No-Tricks, No-Pressure Sales Pledge

    Here at Hippo Roof, we require all our roofing consultants to sign a Zero Sales Pressure Agreement, and many other reputable roofing companies are following suit. Could this make us lose business? Sure, once in a while. But we think that in the overwhelming majority of cases, our customers will be grateful that they weren’t pushed and manipulated into something that wasn’t right or wasn’t the right time. When people are happy about the way they were treated by their salesperson, they are more likely to speak positively about that company, and this positive word of mouth more than makes up for the one or two cases where someone doesn’t buy because we refused to be pushy.

    Here are some of the things that we require of our sales team. This is not only part of our training and our culture, it’s a literal document that we ask our salespeople to sign.

    • I will not utilize high-pressure techniques to force customers to comply with my requests.
    • I will not sell products or services to customers when they are financially not able to manage the investment.
    • I will give all of my customers a fair price and a fair opportunity to consider their options.
    • I will educate my customers on all sides of the purchase decision being made.
    • I will give my customers the opportunity to express any concerns they have and work to resolve them.
    • In the event that the customer is not ready to move forward, I will respect their decision.

    Want to read the whole pledge? Download our Roofing Contractor Standards Guide by clicking on the image of the cover to open the PDF. Turn to page 12 to read the entire pledge that our team members must sign.

    We know you’ll see the difference when you choose Hippo Roof, and we are also confident that you’ll like what you see. Contact us today to get started.

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    Who Will Respect Your Property

    Roofing is a messy job.

    When you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that hiring any contractor can potentially put your property at risk, and roofing is no exception. The point of hiring a roofer is to improve your property, not hurt it; which is why you need to choose someone who respects your property.

    However, while everyone will pay lip service to the fact that they’ll respect your property, only a few roofers actually have a strategy in place that will allow you to feel comfortable that your home, yard, and family members will be protected. First, your contractor should understand the ways that their actions could negatively impact your property’s beauty or value. Second, they should have a strong commitment to taking care of your property, and third, they should have strategies that translate that commitment into action.

    Ways that a careless roofing job could negatively impact your property

    From beginning to end, roofing is a project that can make a big mess, with opportunities all along the way to either exercise caution or do damage. Here are just a few.

    The tear-off

    If you have too many layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, or if you have rotten places or water leaks, you’ll typically have to strip your roof of all the material that’s there before putting on a new roof. The tear-off creates a lot of messy debris, and the steeper your roof, the higher the chances of much of this falling to the ground. Do you want to be picking up shingle fragments around your property for six months after your roofing job? Even worse, do you want to risk tetanus from stepping on a rusty nail that fell? There are a lot of small nails that come out of your roof when it gets torn off, and while even the most careful workers might have one or two of these nails get away from them, workers who are careless can let these nails roll right off the roof, where they’ll land wherever they fall.

    The dumpster or disposal method

    Getting rid of the old roofing debris usually requires a dumpster or some method of getting rid of a large volume of trash. Putting a dumpster on your property shouldn’t be a big deal or cause any damage, but again, it can be destructive if it’s done wrong. Think of your grass being gouged with deep marks if the dumpster is dragged incorrectly into place, or think of your landscaping being crushed if the dumpster is set down inadvertently in the wrong spot. Then think of the potential damage to the things around the dumpster if people are throwing things off the roof, aiming at the dumpster, and missing. If your dumpster is in your driveway and you park your vehicles nearby, you don’t want careless people tossing things that land on your car.

    Delivery of new materials

    The materials for the new roof of your home are bulky, and they’ll have to be delivered and stored somewhere near your roof until the job is finished. Roofers who respect your property will ensure that these materials are placed carefully and stored in a neat, orderly, and compact manner.

    Going up and down ladders

    Your roofers will have to use ladders to go up and down in order to access your roof, but did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to place a ladder up against your roof? You can get damage to your gutters or fascia if your roofers don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care.

    Working around other items on your roof

    Every roof has a few places where something protrudes through the roofing material. You may have a chimney or two, as well as various vents and pipes that stick up through the roof. Each one causes a little bit of extra headache, because the roofer must work around them with special techniques, like installing flashing around them, cutting the roofing materials to an exact size that accommodates them, and ensuring that the seal around each piece will be watertight. You want to choose a roofer who respects these parts and treats them right, rather than doing a slapstick, haphazard job. You want a roofer who respects your property, because each one of these items, as inconvenient as they are to the roofer, represents a potential water leak to your home if it is not taken care of properly.

    People on your property

    The way that your roofing contractor respects your property has to do with more than just the execution of the roofing job itself. It also has to do with how the workers conduct themselves while they are on your property. You shouldn’t have to pick up cigarette butts, hear foul language, feel unsafe, or have items mysteriously go missing just because you had some roof installers on site. Respecting your property means making sure that you and your family are treated the way that you deserve to be treated.

    How Your Roofer Can Demonstrate a Commitment to Respecting Your Property

    The best intentions to respect a customer’s property don’t really mean much if your roofing contractor doesn’t translate that commitment into action. Don’t just settle for someone who pays mere lip service to the idea of respecting your property. Anyone can say anything, but only the best roofers will back it up in writing.

    As a sample of the way that Hippo Roofing demonstrates our commitment to respecting our customers’ property, we require all our construction consultants and team members to sign a document agreeing to abide by our guidelines, including statements like these:

      • “I will not smoke inside the customer’s home.”
      • “I will not consume alcohol or drugs on the jobsite.”
      • “I will not use foul language on the jobsite.”
    • “I will respect the customer’s time by being punctual.”
    • “I will respect the customer’s telephones, bathrooms, parking spaces, etc.
    • “I will play any radios or music on the jobsite quietly.”
    • “I will strive to keep dirt and messes to a minimum.”

    We also have a 16-point jobsite cleanup agreement that we require all our workers to carry out every single day. Here are just a few of these 16 tasks, but you can read all of them on page 13 of the free PDF of our Roofing Contractors Standards Guide:

    • Entire jobsite is to be patrolled and cleaned for trash, including soda cans, drink bottles, cups, food items, bags, containers, miscellaneous trash, etc.
    • Any materials that will be left on the jobsite will be neatly organized and stored.
    • Work area will be patrolled to remove any nails, screws, and other sharp objects.
    • Work area will be swept with a push broom daily (where applicable).

    At the conclusion of the job, we use a magnetic nail locator to find nails, screws, and other debris in your lawn, and we will restore your lawn to the pre-job condition if any damage has occurred as a result of the job. In addition, we invite you to sign off on our 16-point document, and our supervisors will not consider the cleanup complete until you are satisfied enough to sign off.

    Roofing your home shouldn’t be a hassle for you, and one of the best ways to keep you from feeling strained or stressed about the roof installation on your home is to make sure that you feel comfortable with the way your property is being treated. If you live in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Titusville, or anywhere in Brevard county, the choice is easy: call Hippo Roof. If you live elsewhere in the US, we hope these recommendations will help you to choose the best roofer near you.

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    Who Will Guarantee Your Results

    Things deteriorate, and your roof is no exception. It is subject to many destructive forces, from the sun’s UV rays to hurricane-force winds to the second law of thermodynamics. With so many forces working against a roof, it’s no wonder than many roofers will not and cannot guarantee the lifespan or the continued performance of a new roof.

    There are just too many variables that put your roof at risk, and most contractors don’t have a lot of incentive to offer you a guarantee. Even when you do find someone who will guarantee your results, that guarantee might contain so many weasel words that it doesn’t actually offer you anything. However, there are roofing companies out there who will guarantee your results, and if you have a choice, why would you go with anyone else?

    Here are some of the features we think homeowners deserve to find in the guarantee they get from their roofer.

    • Workmanship: The job will be done right the first time.
    • Materials: Your roofing job will be done with high-quality, long-lasting materials.
    • Labor: Your new roof will be constructed by skilled, certified craftsmen.
    • Longevity: How long will your new roof last?
    • Your Satisfaction: If something is not quite right, your roofer should correct the situation.

    You’re depending on your roof to keep out the elements, so it needs to hold up against wind, rain, sun, and debris. It shouldn’t be too much for you to expect a guarantee when you’re paying for your new roof.

    The Hippo Roofing Guarantee

    Here at Hippo Roofing, we don’t offer a 10- or 20-year guarantee. We offer a lifetime guarantee on labor and material for your roof. For homeowners in the Melbourne, FL area, this is great news! You can do your roof once and not worry about it again. Here’s our promise to you: Your roof should be the last roof you will purchase for your home, condo, or other covered structure as a result of normal wear and tear.* Read our full guarantee on page 14 of the Roofing Contractors Standards Guide, which is a free PDF that you can download.

    What Else Do We Include?

    It is our goal to go above and beyond your expectations in every way, not just in the quality of workmanship and materials. Here are some of the things that we offer you for free as part of your roof installation:

    • Free lifetime labor & material warranty
    • Free rotten wood replacement
    • Free annual roof inspection and maintenance
    • Free wind mitigation report
    • Energy saving roof design

    How Can We Offer This Guarantee?

    Our roofing company is able to offer this guarantee because we install metal roofs. Metal roofs are noteworthy for their longevity, durability, and performance. And with our Metal Roof Same Price as Shingles offer, you don’t have anything to lose. You get a roof that has far better performance than a roof covered with asphalt shingles, you pay the same price for it, and you keep it for the rest of your life. Some metal roofs have lasted hundreds of years, so be sure you do yourself a favor and get the roof that we guarantee will last.

    *Terms and conditions apply. See your specific written guarantee or warranty for exact details. Warranty details available upon specific request at any time prior to purchase.

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    Choose A Roofer Who

    Possesses The Proper Licenses and Insurance

    Roofing can be dangerous, and if you have someone come out to do work on your roof, you want it to be a competent contractor. In order to do this, one of the standard things you should always check for is that the roofing contractor possesses the proper licenses and insurance. This will not only protect you, it will help you to get a good roofing job done. Here are some of the reasons why it’s vital to ensure that your roofing contractor has both licenses and insurance.

    1. It’s against Florida law for someone to do roofing without a license.

    If a roofer is practicing without a license, it is against Florida law. The law is there to protect homeowners and ensure that when they hire a service as important as putting a roof on their home, they are actually getting a competent contractor. Getting a license isn’t just a matter of filling out paperwork and asking for one. It requires a would-be contractor to pay to take a test, pass the test, and show additional proof that they have the experience, credentials, and expertise to get the job done. In other words, it’s hard work, and only a serious roofer would have the incentive to actually go through all those steps to get started. A company that doesn’t have a license but is attempting to sell roofing jobs is not only breaking the law, they are putting you at risk of getting a roofer who isn’t really serious about the work that they do.

    2. Getting a licensed and insured roofer protects you from liability.

    Roofers are good at balancing and avoiding falls, but the nature of their job is that they’re climbing ladders, working up high, and walking around on a sloped pitch. All those factors naturally lend themselves to a higher risk that someone could fall and get injured. Let’s say someone on your roof falls and breaks a leg, or worse, gets a spinal or head injury. Who is responsible to pay for their medical bills? Did you know that if the roofing company doesn’t possess insurance, you could be on the hook as the homeowner? People have successfully sued the property owner for an injury that happened on that property. That’s the last thing that you need to have on your mind while your roofing job is getting done.

    The insurance that a roofing company carries is not just for protecting the homeowner from getting landed with the bill in the potential event that someone gets injured. It’s also to protect you as the homeowner in the event that something goes drastically wrong with the roofing job itself. What if the roofer makes a mistake, inadvertently damages your home, or suffers the theft of their roofing materials? That shouldn’t have to go onto your insurance claim. The roofing company’s insurance should pay for those things. Picture a scenario where a costly mistake threatens to drive a roofer into bankruptcy. Your home shouldn’t have to sit there with an unfinished roof just because the roofing company is in a precarious financial situation due to being uninsured. The facts are clear: don't hire an uninsured roofer.

    3. Checking your roofer’s license and insurance can protect you from scams

    There are a number of well-known roofing scams out there, and one of them is unfortunately common to Brevard County and Florida in general because of the severe weather that we experience from time to time. Roofers known as “storm chasers” will show up in town right after a storm hits. They go door-to-door in neighborhoods, offering a free roof inspection and sometimes even claiming that they can get you a free roof replacement. These scammers will climb up onto your roof, spend some time up there, and then come back down with photographs of the “roof damage” that they’ve found on your home. If you choose a scammer to do a roofing job, they’ll either do very poor-quality work or fail to do the job at all, making off with your down payment check, after which you never see them again.

    One of the ways you could have easily protected yourself from this scam was to check the roofer’s license and insurance. Don’t just take their word for it or examine the document that they show you as proof. Check with Brevard county if their license is actually on file to truly verify that they’re legitimate.

    How it could come back to bite you if you DON’T get a licensed and insured roofer

    It’s hard to properly emphasize the importance of getting a licensed and insured roofer. Here are some of the risks if you don’t.

    • The roofer does more harm than good, leaving you with a roof that only lasts 5-7 years.
    • Someone is injured on your property and you get stuck with the bill.
    • Your property gets damaged or the roofing job gets stuck halfway through, and you get stuck with the bill.
    • The next storm comes through and causes damage to your roof, but when you try to make an insurance claim, they refuse to cover it, saying the damage was due to an installation error or manufacturing defect.
    • You get scammed by a storm chaser or fake roofing company.

    Don’t get stuck with the wrong roofing contractor - always check their license and insurance

    When you need a roofing contractor in Melbourne, Florida, or any of the surrounding areas, consider Hippo Roofing. We are not only a long-standing local roofing company with all the proper licenses and insurance, we install metal roofs that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to get started with a quote.

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    Choose A Roofer

    Who Has Standards

    Winning at roofing means far more than just creating high-quality roofs. It means winning at customer service, winning at creating goodwill in the community, and winning at being an all-around favorite.

    That kind of reputation doesn’t go unnoticed forever. Sooner or later, the roofing company who is truly standing out with exceptional service is going to be recognized by the public with that service.

    Here are some of the awards that you can look for to determine if the roofing company you’re considering is also enjoying the favor of the community at large.

    1. The BBB Rating

    Not every company can earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but the ones who do are standing out above the pack. The BBB is an independent organization that is focused on providing trustworthy service to the marketplace about the reputation of local companies. While it is a voluntary step for a company to be affiliated with the BBB, what’s not under their control is the amount of consumer complaints that the BBB receives about them. The BBB files these complaints and provides a rating of the companies who are members with them, allowing the general public to have an independent, neutral source of information about that company’s reputation.

    Hippo Roofing has earned the coveted A+ Rating with the BBB.

    2. The “Best Of” community vote in the local newspaper

    Many local newspapers or radio stations hold a yearly vote where they invite members of the public to cast their vote for the best local business in every category. The readers vote for their favorite pizza place, hairdresser, oil change place, and so forth. When people vote for a business as the best roofing company in one of these surveys, it’s generally a reflection of the opinion of a broad spectrum of the town or city.

    Hippo Roofing has been voted “Best of Brevard” by the readers of Florida Today

    3. Other local awards and prizes

    It depends on the community, but everywhere you go, there are other various contests, surveys, and awards being given out at different times. Again, these types of awards are a good way for you to have the certainty that lots of other people have had a favorable experience with the company in question. Social proof isn’t everything, but it is a big thing, and the complete lack of social proof should be a warning sign.

    Hippo Roofing won the 2017 Pulse of the City award for excellence in customer satisfaction

    4. Top Rated Local® Ratings

    Top Rated Local® is a rating system that requires everyone who leaves a review to be an actual customer. Say goodbye to review sites that include fake reviews! Look for the Top Rated Local® logo on all the companies you do business with.

    Hippo Roofing is a Top Rated Local® Company.

    Here in Melbourne, Florida, the choice is easy. Hippo Roofing is consistently an award-winner due to the overall great experience you’ll get. From the customer service to the high-quality roofing job we provide, you’ll be sure to agree that you’re glad you went with Hippo.

    A quick review

    We’ve covered ten different techniques that you can use to find a great roofing company, ensure that they’re going to serve you well, and get a high-quality roofing job done. Here’s a quick summary of the ten tips.

    1. Choose a roofing company who has a minimum standard of quality, preferably one that’s in writing.
    2. Look for a roofer who cares about the workmanship of the jobs they complete.
    3. Go with the contractor who is going to use better quality materials, and if you want the highest quality and longevity of all, choose a metal roof.
    4. Find a roofing company who is committed to hiring good people.
    5. Learn how to find out about a roofer’s reputation, and choose one with a good reputation, not just with the general public, but also with their suppliers.
    6. Avoid roofers who would trick you into buying something you don’t need or who engage in high-pressure sales tactics.
    7. Look for a roofing contractor who will respect your property, preferably with a written policy of how they promise to do this.
    8. Pick a roofer who actually dares to guarantee your results.
    9. Make sure that you verify that your roofer possesses the appropriate licenses and insurance
    10. Go with the roofing company who has won accolades and awards

    We hope that this guide on how to find and choose the best roofing contractor has been helpful to you, whether you live in Brevard County or elsewhere in the United States. Contact us today to get your roofing project started. We will be happy to serve you.

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