Architectural Shingles

Melbourne Roofing ContractorUnfortunately, temporary roofing materials like today's "Lifetime" asphalt shingles quickly show signs of failure such as lost granules, streaking algae, mold, rot, broken seals and curling corners. This normal wear and tear occurs in as little as 12 to 15 years in Florida, requiring roof replacement at that time. Most standard manufacturer's warranties, for all practical purposes, are worthless at that point.

Hippo Roofing has developed a premium Asphalt Roofing System that addresses the problem and expense of the frequent replacement cycle described above. Hippo's unique Asphalt Roofing System delivers unparalleled strength by using premium products and installation techniques. Instead of the typical 12 to 15 years of roof life, you can expect 20 to 25 years of service with a Hippo Roof.

This exclusive Hippo Asphalt Roofing System just cost a little more than the slightly less expensive, low quality, poorly warranted "Lifetime" imitator. However, a Hippo Asphalt Roofing System is clearly your best value saving you countless dollars over the years. It is simply a matter of doing re-roofing right or re-roofing again and again!

Melbourne Roofing Contractor

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