Wind Guarantee

Melbourne Roofing ContractorUnlike some other builders, our best roofing has 150 MPH wind warranty! Especially in Florida, your roof needs to be able to handle more than the occasional rain storm. Enjoy your beautiful custom Hippo Roof worry-free!

A Hippo Premium Metal Roof is the only roof with a constant 150 MPH blow off wind warranty. A Hippo asphalt roof provides a 130 MPH non-depreciating wind warranty for a full 15 years.

Our competitors' wind warranty on concrete tile, clay tile and wood shakes are almost always nonexistant or vanish in a few short years. Likewise, wind warranties on 5-V Crimp, Standing Seam and similar panel metal roofing is almost always nonexistant when it comes to our competitors' roofing systems.

To learn more about our Wind Guarantee, call our roofing specialists. We'll be happy to discuss the details of our wind guarantee with you.

If you are looking for a Brevard roofing contractor, then please call 321-951-2500 or fill out our online contact form.

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